Thursday, July 20, 2017

Yellowstone - Northeast Idaho

May 30 to June 14:

Tuesday morning (May 30th) we traveled north from Salt Lake City to Island Park, Idaho which is located near the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park. As we pulled into our new RV park, Valley View RV Park, it started to sleet. After checking in with the office we waited until the sleet stopped and then proceeded to our site and got set up what we thought would be a month here. A few hours later that day we were joined by David & Cindy Potts and a few days later by Rich & Brenda Cochran and Joe & Cindy LaRocca.

During our time here we spend several days visiting Yellowstone National Park. We also toured the area around Island Park, Idaho taking a couple of trips down one of the forks of the Snake River (once in our kayak and once in a raft), visiting some water falls in the area along with enjoying the company of our fellow RV'ers. We experienced all kinds of weather during our stay here including the sleet when we arrived, snow, rain and some beautiful sunsets (it would still be light at 10 PM). We played several games of Jokers and Marbles with all 8 of us joining in which made for interesting teams of guys vs. girls (the girls won).

Yellowstone is a large national park with several different areas within the park that contain the "tourist attractions" that most people visit. You will do a lot of driving inside the park to get from one area to the next. We visited most of the attractions except for the area near the south entrance during our short stay here. Here a couple of photos from our time in the park:

We visited Mesa Falls near Island Park one day with our group. We were able to stand right next to the falls on a platform to get up close to the river.

We drove to the top of a mountain close to our park which was over 10,000 feet in elevation at the top. We could see there was something on top of the mountain from our RV park and discovered it was an FAA installation and antennas.

Our group also did some kayaking and rafting down one of the forks of the Snake River near Island Park. It was about a 2.5 to 3 hour float down the river from where we put in to the exit point. During our float we saw lots of trout in the water and a mother elk and two babies along the river bank.

Near Island Park there was a restaurant called Connie's Place that we "had" to visit. The entire group went one evening and enjoyed a nice meal at the place.

On Monday, June 12th, we received word that Connie's niece, Lisa Aragon, had been admitted to the hospital in Round Rock, Texas and was in the ICU. We were uncertain of what the prognosis was and monitored the situation for a couple of days. Wednesday morning we heard that Lisa had gone into a coma and decided we needed to head back to Texas to be with her and her mom, Connie's sister Debbie.  So we quickly loaded up everything and started the long trip back to Round Rock.

If you want to see additional photos, click HERE