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June 2015:

Connie and I both grew up in Austin Texas a few miles away from each other, but going to different schools except for the 7th grade when we were in the same junior high (but if we ever met neither of us could remember it). We knew a lot of the same kids growing up, but we did not know each other. I worked for most of my adult life (34 years) as a Chief Financial Officer for a group of surgeons in Austin. Connie spent a number of years in the Dallas Texas area working for several companies including Sun Oil and Pioneer Electronics. She returned to Austin in the mid-90's and worked at several jobs including owning her own electronics distribution company for a while. We were introduced by a mutual friend, Diane Day Beall, in 2002 and have been together ever since. We got married in June 2003 in Vancouver, BC.

Connie and I have been together for 13 years now. We have lived in 6 different locations during our marriage, so we were nomads to begin with. We bought houses, updated them and then either sold or kept them as rentals. We are currently down to owning 2 rent houses in Austin.

Both of our parents have owned RV's. Connie's mother and dad used their motorhomes to travel on extended trips (mainly out west) to escape the Texas summers. My parents started out in a travel trailer, went to a Class C and then on to Class A motorhomes. Around 2006, my parents sold their house and began to live in their 40 foot Foretravel motorhome on a full-time basis.

My mother passed away in January 2012 and my father continues to live in the motorhome and takes a few trips each year. He works with a group that does "church work" on a voluntary basis around the country.

Connie's mom and dad passed away 29 days apart from each other in November/December 2013. Connie had been a care giver to both, but especially to her mother during her last few years of life. Earlier that year, on May 1st, Connie was involved in a serious car accident. She was sitting at a red light when she was rear-ended by another car traveling at a high rate of speed. It knocked her through the intersection and totaled the car. Connie was in a coma for several hours after being taken by EMS to one of the local hospitals. She was in the hospital for several days before being released. With the coma and having bruising/contusions of the brain we did not know how well her recovery would be. The doctors told us it would take at least 6 months and they were correct. She has made a remarkable recovery from the accident although she continues to recover even after 2 years.

We talked about doing the "full time RV life style" for several years before making a final decision in early 2014 to "do it". I gave my notice at work in early 2014 letting them know I would be retiring at the end of the year. Since it took them a while to find my replacement, I agreed to stay on another month making my official retirement date January 31, 2015.

We put our house up for sale in November 2014 and the 3rd person who looked at it ending up buying it. We were fortunate that the real estate market in Austin has been "hot" for several years with all of the growth in the Central Texas region. The sale of the house closed on December 19th.

We moved in with a friend and used the next few weeks to update one of our rental properties during my last few weeks at work. From there we ended up dog/apartment sitting for six weeks in Austin and then Connie had back surgery in Florida. We moved into the motorhome full time on April 1, 2015. You can look back to the beginning of our blog to see the process in greater detail.

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