Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Across California

June 1 to June 8:

We traveled from Reno to Nice, California to spend a few nights at the Aurora RV Park which is located on the Upper Clear Lake. We found out that this lake is one of the best bass fishing lakes in California but there is mercury in the water from an old mercury mine so it is a "catch and release" fishing area. Spent the days taking it easy at the park. One of our bedroom slides did not go out and after calling Newmar technical support discovered that a switch will need to be replaced. We made an appointment with Guaranty RV near Eugene on June 19th to have the switch replaced. Also the night shade that covers the windshield fell down and broke one of the clamps that holds it up. Always something to be dealing with.

From Nice we drove along Hwy 20 to Hwy 101 along which we will be traveling for the next few weeks. We spent several nights at the Shoreline RV Park in Eureka, CA.

During the time we were in Eureka we went south to see the redwoods located along the Avenue of the Ancients. We took one long hike and a couple of shorter one along the avenue. Amazing how old these tree are (some over 1,000 years old) along with how large they are: Up to 350 feet tall with a circumference up to 80 feet.

Another day we travelled north to see more redwoods along with doing a bike ride. We entered the Redwoods National & State Park and stopped at the Visitor's Center.  From the Visitor's Center we drove a few miles north to the Information Center along the scenic drive through the park. From there we took a hike along the Cathedral Trail to visit the "Big Tree" (about 3.5 miles total on the loop).

After eating lunch we rode our bike from the parking area at the Information Center over to Fern Canyon which is located along the coast. Part of the time we were on a single track mountain bike trail before getting on some old logging roads. Fern Canyon is where some parts of Jurassic Park was filmed. We rode through mud, across several creeks and along a dusty road to get to the canyon parking lot. From the parking lot we locked up our bikes and hiked about 1/2 mile to the beginning of the canyon.

We decided to return to the Jeep using the logging roads rather than the mountain bike trail. We ended up having to carry the bike across a tree that had fallen along the road on our trip. You can see how dirty Connie's bike got on the trip. We both were using the full power of the pedal assist on our Rad Power bikes on part of the ride (about 23 miles round trip).

That evening Connie and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary by eating a great salmon meal at the Sea Grill in Eureka.

The next day we visited Patrick's Point State Park and did some hiking around the park. We hike out the point as well as visiting the "tide pools" area of the park along with seeing a recreation of a village of the Native American tribe that lived in the area.

We also stopped at the Moonstone Beach and walked along the beach for a while. The water was cold  (so no pictures of swimsuits). We did see a few people surfing in wetsuits.

From here we will head north along Hwy 101 to Gold Beach, Oregon for a week's stay.

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