Thursday, June 14, 2018

Last days in Gold Beach

Wednesday morning we woke up to a light rain falling across the area. The rain continued most of the day so we stay inside. I got caught up on posting to the blog and Connie worked on a jigsaw puzzle she had gotten from Fran for Christmas.

This is the puzzle that Connie works on during rainy days.
Thursday we had better weather with a mostly sunny day. We drove south of Gold Beach to see the Kissing Rock and walk a portion of the actual Gold Beach. The wind was out of the north at about 20-25 mph so we had a short walk on the beach. The beach runs about 5 miles in length. The Kissing Rock looks more like a shark and the local say it got its name as a place teenagers would "make-out" rather than looking anything like a "kissing" rock.

Connie trying to get out of the wind behind some driftwood.

Kissing Rock??
After finishing our short walk on the beach we drove over to the Arch Rock Brewing Company. This is a small brewing company that has won several awards for their beers over the last couple of years. The brewery is located in a building that previously was a carpentry shop. When the owner of the shop retired he decided to open a brewery (something he had always wanted to do). He hired a young brew-master to run the brewery 5.5 years ago and it has done well. We sampled several of their beers and really liked the porter and the stout. We ended up filling our growler with the stout beer.

They currently carry a selection of 4 beers on tap.
In the afternoon Connie and I played 9 holes of golf at the Cedar Bend Golf Club which is located a few miles north of Gold Beach. It was a nice 9 hole course with two flags on each green and two sets of tees on each hole. We had great weather and an enjoyable round (we didn't keep score).

Great 9 hole course.

Connie putting out on the last hole.
Completing our round of golf we returned to the Duchess where we enjoyed a glass of the Arch Rock Stout Beer. We started the process of getting ready to leave tomorrow morning. We are headed north about 130 miles to Florence, Oregon for the next week.

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