Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Gold Beach, OR

On Friday morning we packed up the Duchess and headed north on Highway 101. The drive was only 140 miles but there was construction in several places so it took us a while to make the journey. We stopped in a rest stop near Brookings, Oregon for a break and to eat lunch. After lunch we continued on to our next stop, the Four Seasons RV Park. This park is located on the Rogue River about 6 miles up river from town. It has new owners (just took over the place last week) who had been commercial fisherman in Alaska before buying the place. It is a small park (about 30 spaces) and we are the largest rig in the park.

We backed into our site #23 and got set up for the week's stay. We went into town and did some grocery shopping and looked around the town (not much here to see). We had rain Friday night and most of the day on Saturday, so we stayed in the rig most of the time and took it easy.

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