Friday, June 22, 2018

Last Few Days in Florence

We took the motorhome over to Guaranty RV Service Center in Junction City near Eugene and now the bedroom slide is working. It ended up being a gear in the motor rather than the proximity switch, but I am glad we had that on hand in case it was needed. We met Nancy Lantz (who we know from where we spend the winter in San Antonio) who lives in a suburb of Eugene for lunch. We enjoyed a nice meal and visit with her. After lunch all of us went to the Costco in Eugene to do some shopping. Once we got back from Costco we paid for the work done and then returned to Florence.

Not much going on the next couple of days. I was under the weather and we hung around the RV park and watch a bunch of shows on Amazon Prime Video (the park wifi was good enough to stream).

Friday morning we made the short drive north (about 50 miles) to Newport, Oregon where we will spend the next week.

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