Thursday, October 22, 2015

Nebraska City, Nebraska

Wednesday-Thursday (Oct 21-22):

On Wednesday afternoon we arrived at Victorian Acres RV Park in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Our Garmin GPS sent us over the Missouri River into Iowa before we realized where we were (it completely missed our turn in Nebraska). We returned across the river into Nebraska and quickly found the campground. The campground is located next to Hwy 2 but we are below a hill and don't hear much noise from the road. We got The Duchess set up in our pull through site 66. It is nice to have full hookups again for the motorhome.

Victorian Acres RV Park
We went into town to do some grocery shopping before returning to the campground for the evening. Both of us had saved half our dinner from the restaurant we ate at on Tuesday night, so we heated up our left-overs and settled in for the evening.

On Thursday we visited the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Trail & Visitors Center located here in Nebraska City. There are a number of Lewis & Clark Centers located around the country at various locations along their expedition in 1804-1806. This Center concentrates on the discoveries of plants and wildlife made by Lewis & Clark on their journey.

Entrance to Center

Connie standing in replica of boat used on
Lewis & Clark Expedition (boat was used in a movie about the Expedition)

The Visitor's Center

Replica of smaller boat used on the Expedition with the one dog,
Seaman, that accompanied Lewis & Clark.

Inside a replica of Native American
Earth Lodge

Replica of Native American Earth Lodge
Lewis & Clark documented discoveries (by white Europeans, the Native Americans had known about them for centuries) of 122 animal and 178 plants while on their journey. There was also an exhibit about the fishing done by the Expedition along the Missouri, Yellowstone & Columbia Rivers. There was information about the fishing tackle they took along with them as well as the techniques taught them by the Native Americans. Most of their meals consisted of meat shot or fish caught by members of the Expedition. There was information about the vessels used by the Expedition on the rivers: over 20 different kinds of boats, canoes and barges. There was also an exhibit showing the different medicines used by the members of the Expedition along with the remedies shown to them by the Native American tribes they visited. Only one member of the Expedition died which was very unusual during that period of time so some of the medicines/remedies did work.

We then went into Nebraska City and walked around the downtown area. Nebraska City is the oldest city in Nebraska and was the start of the Oregon trail overland once the settlers got off of the Missouri River boats. During the second half of the 19th Century the city was a busy river port for boats along the Missouri River.

Rock & plaque indicated a spot along the Oregon Trail.
The city has a number of building from the late 19th and early 20th century still in use with old painted advertisements on the side of the corner buildings. Notice the prices charged on the advertisements.

There was also an open area in the middle of downtown with a very large mural and other artwork.

We passed by an unusual building that is now a bank but was once the United States Post Office for Nebraska City.
Old Post Office building.
We drove around town and enjoyed the fall colors along the residential streets.

We returned back to The Duchess where Connie cooked us a Lemon Chicken Pasta dish for dinner. Looks like we may get some rain tomorrow here in Nebraska.