Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ending the year in Austin

December 2015:

We ended 2015 at the LaHacienda RV Resort & Cottages located near Lake Travis in Austin. So we ended up the year where we started from after traveling about 5,000 miles through 14 states.

Connie decided to get her hair cut so that it will not take her as long to dry it. She ordered several inexpensive wigs to see if there was a "style" she liked, but ended up deciding to have it cut similar to a news anchor she had seen on the TV. She has been going to the same stylist for years, Willa Kay Warren, and trusted her to make the final result come out looking good. Here is a picture of the "after" look.
Here are both of us after getting our haircuts!
We had a "Happy Hour" with several of our good friends in early December. It was great to see everyone and kind of get caught up with events that had occurred during our travels.

We returned to Austin to see our doctors, dentists and have our eyes checked. Our dental checkups and my eye exam were routine, but both Connie and I both ended up having medical procedures done during the time we were in Austin. I had a hernia repair procedure and Connie had a large polyp removed from her uterus. Seeing doctors, having lab work done along with radiological exams, scheduling appointments and procedures took up most of the month. It felt like we spent way too much time with medical personnel during the month. Both of our procedures went well and we are both on the road to recovery. We also were able to visit with family and friends here in the Austin area during the time we were here.

A few days before Christmas my grandson Rhys McKay along with his mom, Grace, came out to the motorhome to visit with us for an afternoon.
Rhys & Grace visiting The Duchess
We spent Christmas Day at Connie's sister house in Round Rock. My dad and son, Greg came to Debbie's along with Connie niece, Lisa, and grand nephew, Josh. We brought in the New Year at our Brooks & Heidi Ivey's house along with several other friends we have known for a number of years.

The LaHacienda RV Resort is an upscale park located close to Lake Travis. It has the most amenities of any park we have stayed in this year: full hook-ups, 2 heated pools, 1 hot tub, workout/exercise facilities, large game room, 2 clubhouses and a putting/chipping green. The park was sold earlier this year and is now part of the Sun RV Resorts group.

Outside porch - Game Room

Exercise Room

Smaller heated pool with hot tub

Larger heated pool

Larger of the the 2 clubhouses

Duchess on Site C-5

We met Jeff and Jan Van Horn who were located in the site next to us during the month. They have been full timing for 11 years and gave us some tips on some of the places they have visited over the years. They left a few days before us headed to Florida to spend the rest of the winter in warmer weather.

Jeff & Jan in front of their Monaco Dynasty
We had a wide variety of weather in Austin during the month: a number of days of warm weather with highs in the 70's and 80's and then quite cold for Texas with overnight lows near freezing towards the end of the month. Central Texas has several record rainfall events during the year and the lakes in the area are either full or almost full for the first time in a number of years.

Connie and I both enjoyed our first year on the road living full time in our motorhome, The Duchess. Hopefully we have gotten the repairs and upgrades done for a while and can spend more time traveling in 2016. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE.