Saturday, February 13, 2016

Two Weeks in San Antonio

January 21 to February 3:

We made the short trip from Port Aransas to San Antonio by going through Corpus Christi to pick up I-37. Connie drove most of the way: across the bridge from Padre Island to Corpus, through Corpus Christi and about 2/3rds of the way to San Antonio. This is the first time that Connie has driven the motorhome for an extended period of time.

Connie driving across the bridge between Padre Island and Corpus Christi
I finished driving the motorhome to our location for the next two weeks: Traveler's World Carefree RV Resort. The campground is located on the San Antonio River about 3 miles south of downtown San Antonio. The area around the park is mostly industrial but the park itself is very nice.
Site 102

View down the road in the campground
This park has been here for a number of years and was recently purchased by Carefree RV Resorts. The campground has access to the River Walk as well as being located close to a number of shopping areas (Walmart, Home Depot, HEB, etc). There is also a golf course located next to the park. The park has been a winter home for a number of Canadians over the years, but this year with the Canadian dollar losing value against the US dollar the Canadians have not been staying as long in the park. We heard a lot of French being spoken in the park as there were more Canadians from the Quebec province that any other of the provinces. All of the people we met in the park were extremely friendly and easy to have conversations with.

Connie and I took several walks and bike rides along the River Walk. If you headed north along the River Walk from the park you would end up in downtown San Antonio. One day we rode our bikes all the way from the park to La Villita Village which is located near the convention center. We stopped at the La Villita Cafe and sampled some of the local beers.
Parking the bikes outside the La Villita Cafe

Barry, the owner, served us our brews

Enjoying a sampling of local beers
Another day we rode south from the park to the Mission San Juan. This is one of a series of missions built by the Spanish along the San Antonio River to protect their interest in the region after the French started settling in Louisiana. The mission is being "restored" and not all of the building were open to the public, but it was interesting to how the building were arranged inside the walls.
One of the building being restored.

Church at the Mission

Unfinished church at the Mission. There is a burial site along this side of the church.

Cross at the entrance to the Mission.

Getting ready to head back to the campground.
There are number of parks located along the River Walk with playgrounds, ball & soccer fields, pavilions and restrooms. The city of San Antonio does a great job of keeping the area along the River Walk clean and well maintained. There are several places along the River Walk where artwork has been installed.
Some of the artwork along the River Walk.

"Unusual" art along the walk.
We spent several evening visiting with our friends, Fran & Mal Vaughn. We ate dinner at their house one evening along with some of their friends, went to happy hour another day and joined them for dinner at Josephine Street Cafe one night.

Patti and Fran @ Happy Hour

Fran, Mike & Connie - Happy Hour at the Canyon Cafe
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in San Antonio. The park had a nice heated pool and hot tub that we took advantage of during our stay. We ended up spending a couple of days in Austin during our stay in San Antonio to attend the funeral of our good friend Marty Rexroat's dad who passed away at the age of 91. While on our way to Austin we stopped off to see my dad in Rosanky who is recovering from pneumonia (he is doing OK).

On February 3rd we packed up the Duchess and headed to Rosanky where the motorhome will be parked for the next couple of months while we house/dog sit in Austin. We will take a week in February to spend time in Rosanky working on some maintenance items along with adding some antennas on the roof for cellular, DirecTV and WiFi.