Friday, March 25, 2016

A few days at Lake Conroe

Tuesday (Mar 22) to Friday (Mar 25):

We made the trip from the apartment where we were dog sitting in Austin to Rosanky to pick up The Duchess and start out on our travels this spring. We visited with my dad for a few minutes, finished packing up the motor home and then made the trip east to the Cagle Recreation Area on Lake Conroe.
Site 8 at Cagle Recreation Area
We had made reservations here hoping to spend some time with Carl & Pam Manganaros who we had met at the RV Dreams Fall Rally in Michigan last September. They also started their full timing adventure last year and we wanted to get caught up on our travels. They have been camp hosting at this campground for several months during the winter. Unfortunately their 5th was in the shop having new flooring put in during the week we were there. The work was suppose to be done a couple of weeks ago, but the flooring got delayed and the shop had to wait to start the project. They are staying with Pam's dad nearby and we were able to get together with them for lunch at the Cozy Grape Wine Bar & Bistro in Montgomery on Wednesday. We spent several hours visiting and going through the good/bad/ugly of being on the road full time. Carl & Pam will be camp hosting in Vermont this summer and will be also be attending the Escapees Escapade in Essex, VT during the last week of July.
Cozy Grape Wine Bar & Bistro

Carl & Pam (taken from their blog)
On Thursday we took it easy around the campground until we found a leak in one of our water lines late in the day. It was the hot water line under the kitchen sink and we discovered that an animal had gotten into our rig while it was stored at Rosanky. It ate into several items inside the RV and put a pin hole in the water line. I ended up going into Willis to see if I could find some parts to fix the problem so that we could have water inside the motor home. I was lucky to find an RV dealership open until 6 PM, found some parts to patch the line and then spent a couple of hours "fixing" the problem and making sure there were not any leaks.

You can see where I patched the water line in the middle of the photo
Cagle Recreation Area Campground is located on Lake Conroe. The lake gets a lot of traffic on the weekends with it being close to Houston. The campground is very nice with full hookups, but is isolated from any towns. We had very intermittent AT&T Wireless service and with the trees were not able to connect our satellite dish to DirecTV. We were able to pick up a few over the air TV stations but with the high winds the signal came and went.
A couple of photos from the trail along the lake

On Friday morning we made the trip from our campground to Sulphur, LA were we will spend Easter week-end. We traveled along SH 105 instead of I-10 for as long as we could. I-10 from Beaumont to Louisiana was very crowded and traffic slowed to a crawl in several locations.