Thursday, May 5, 2016

Greenville SC

Thursday (4/28) to Monday (5/2):

As we were trying to get out of our site at the McKinney Campground, we ended up running over a tree stump and damaging the fiberglass on the front driver side panel of the motorhome along with bending the exhaust pipe for the generator. Not enough damage to prevent travelling, but we will have to do some repair work down the road. Not the best way to start out the morning. After leaving the campground we made the 115 mile drive up I-85 to Piedmont SC which is about 10 miles south of Greenville. We pulled into the Ivy Acres RV Park, got assigned to Site 305 which is a pull through with FHU's and got set up for the night. The park is located on a old family farm that has been converted into a RV Park. Most of the sites are occupied with people who live there for extended periods with a few sites available for short term rent. We spent some time trying to fix the exhaust pipe and seeing what temporary fix we could do to the fiberglass.

Our site @ Ivy Acres.

Damage to The Duchess.
We did some grocery shopping before settling in for the evening. There is rain in the forecast for most of the time we will be here.

On Friday morning I took the Jeep into the Powdersville Tire and Wheel Center to have the front brakes pads replaced. They finished up the job in about 2 hours (had to grind down the rotors). Now we have had all of the brakes replaced on the Jeep so we should be good for a long time.

Friday afternoon we drove into Greenville. We stopped at the Thomas Creek Brewery and sampled several of their beers. We especially enjoyed the  Coffee Oatmeal Beer.

From the brewery we proceeded to downtown Greenville. The downtown area has been revitalized over the last 15 years and there were numerous shops and restaurants along with businesses in the area. We walked around the main street and along the river park that is in the center of town.

After touring the downtown area we stopped by a second brewery on the way home, the Brewery 85 . We sampled their beers but decided we liked the ones at Thomas Creek better.

Upon our return the RV park, I got the Coleman Gas Grill out and we cooked a whole chicken that we had quartered. It took up the entire grilling surface and took a while to cook, but we will get several meals out of the chicken (and it ended up being very flavorful and juicy).

On Saturday we decided to do some bike riding along the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville. This is a rails to trails project that extends over 30+ miles north and south out of the downtown area. We parked a few blocks away from the trails, rode down to the trail and then continued north along the asphalt path for several miles before turning around to head back. On the way back we stopped at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery which is located along the trail to rest our buns and get some tea to drink.

We returned back to the campground for an early dinner before driving back to Greenville to visit the Quest Brewery. They were having live music for the afternoon & evening along with having their tap room open. We sampled several of their brews and then each ordered a glass to take into the "brewery" where they had move the music because of the rains that had started. We met a couple from Greenville who worked together at GE Energy, Jackie and Darren. Jackie had served in the military for several years where she learned to speak Russian. She was stationed for a while in San Angelo TX (a hotbed of Russian spies). Darren and his family immigrated from England when he was in high school and they are all still here in the USA. The band we listened to played music from the 70's and 80's, so we recognized all of the songs.

Sunday morning we slept in while it continued to rain. After lunch we decided to visit downtown Greenville one last to do some shopping. We bought a few items at the Mast General Store along with some kitchen items at a Cooking Store that was closing down and giving great discounts.

Connie and I were both impressed with Greenville and it will be on our "places" to retire to when we are finished with our full time journey. On Monday morning we will continue north to Charlotte NC.