Monday, July 4, 2016

Tomkins Campground–Lawrenceville PA


Friday (6/24) to Tuesday (6/28):

We got set up in our site at Tompkins Campground and were able to get the motor home and the Jeep on the site. We had been having some more problems with our jacks and leveling system so we made an appointment at Wilkins RV in Bath NY to have the problems diagnosed.

On Saturday we made a trip up the road to Corning NY to visit the Museum of Glass. We spent about 4.5 hours in the museum and did not see everything. They had demonstrations of glass blowing, fiber optics and the properties of different types of glass. The had some glass items that were several thousand years old from all around the world. Very interesting place although we did not take any pictures inside.


We took it easy the rest of the time we were there. Connie went “swimming” in the lake and I walked a trail around the lake one day. We cleaned the outside of the motorhome along with oiling down the cabinets inside on another day.


On Tuesday we packed up and were about the leave to spend the night in the Wilkins RV campground when we could not get our jacks to retract. We tried several times before I added some hydraulic fluid to the system and we finally got the jacks to retract. We made the drive north to Bath and parked our motorhome for the night in the Wilkins RV “campground”.