Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cold here in Austin/Scanning Photos

Today when we woke up the temperature outside was 29 degrees. I know most of the country is suffering under much worse conditions, but we don't like freezing temperatures here in Central Texas. When Connie and I were going to our yoga class this morning there was a 10 car accident on the way due to some ice on one of the overpasses. The normal 20 minute commute to the gym took almost an hour.

We are trying to scan a number of our photos into computer files so that we will have access to them on the road, but not have to carry them around with us. Connie and I both inherited a number of photo albums from our parents, so it is a challenge to go through all of them and decide which photos we will scan into computer files. After looking through the photos, there is no need to scan 50 photos of a distant relative. I spent the afternoon reviewing several albums and tried to pick out some representative photos from each set. Once we finish with all of our scanning, we will give all of the photos to relatives (if they want them). We are using a Canon printer/scanner/copier to scan the photos in. It does a good job of scanning, but since each photo has to be placed on the flatbed scanner and then processed, it takes a long time. We will save any editing for a later date.

From the time Connie and I married in 2003, we have always had digital cameras so all of photos we have taken are already in digital format. The last few years most of the photos had been taken by our digital cellphones. We are still trying to decide where to backup the photos on the cloud in case one of our hard drives fails us.