Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Getting the Jeep Ready

About 18 months ago we purchased a 2002 Jeep Liberty that we will pull behind our motor home. We looked at all of the vehicles that could be towed "4 wheels down" and narrowed the list down to Jeeps and the Honda CRV. We liked the Jeep because you sit a little bit higher and you do not have to disconnect a fuse like you do in the CRV when you have it attached to the motor home. We ran across this Jeep Liberty on Craigslist and decided to buy it. The Jeep was taken to a local shop where a base plate was installed to match the tow bar we purchased to connect the Jeep to the motor home. We also purchased a Blue OX Brake Buddy system to be used when the Jeep is connected to the motor home for assistance in stopping the Jeep and saving wear and tear on the tow bar.

Last week when had new tires installed on the Jeep and today I took it to have the front end aligned. I also ordered a bike rack that attaches to the spare tire on the back of the Jeep and holds both of our mountain bikes. We are looking for a cover that would keep the bikes out of the weather when we are traveling.

One more item (the Jeep) that we can check off from our list of stuff we need to accomplish before starting the great adventure.