Sunday, June 7, 2015

12 Year Anniversary


Connie and I were married 12 years ago in Vancouver, British Columbia. Yes, that is correct, two Texans went to Canada to get hitched. We decided if we left the country we could plan our wedding without having to worry about any "guests" and we were correct. Our witnesses were two concierges from the hotel we stayed at.

Today we took it easy around the campground before heading over to Black Mountain for dinner. Connie bought me two very "cute" cards with traveling themes for our anniversary, while I had been so busy (or that is my excuse) I completely forgot about a card. We had decided once we had started this full-timing adventure that we would not get each other gifts since we don't have any room to carry stuff around, but I still should have remember the card.

We picked a restaurant, La Guinguette, with a mix of Argentine and French cuisine which we thought would make for an interesting meal.  

La Guinguette restaurant located in an old house that has
been renovated. They are adding an area in the back for
summer time music.
We ordered a pate, salami and assorted cheese appetizer and empanadas for our meal. We also had some local beers with our meal.

The food was good and after having the appetizer and meal we did not have room for the crepes available for desert. We returned back to the duchess where it rained again during the night. The rain that was in Texas must have moved east.
Mike & Connie 12 years together and haven't age a day (LOL).