Sunday, June 21, 2015

A few days in Crossville - Trip to Knoxville

Thursday-Saturday (June 18-20):

Not much to report from Crossville, Tennessee. It has rained almost every day that we have been here sometime during the day or night. We have tried to walk the county roads around the park each morning, but have run into loose dogs on the roads. We took the motor home into an RV shop near us to have the refrigerator looked at again. The owner of the shop has had a lot of experience with RV refrigerators and he thinks the problem is the temperature sensors inside the refrigerator and freezer are not working properly and need to be replaced. He ordered the parts and they should be in next week.
Moon coming up over the lake
We went over to Knoxville, Tennessee, on Friday to do some shopping at Whole Foods and Costco. The trip to Knoxville is about 60 miles and takes about an hour. The Whole Foods in Knoxville is located right off of I-40 and was easy to find but difficult to get into. The road in front of the store is only a two lane with no light to help you get in or out of the parking area. We ate lunch at a local pizza restaurant and then went over to Costco. While at Costco Connie discovered that her membership had expired. We decided that since we will not be buying anything in large quantities not to renew the membership. While we were inside Costco, a thunderstorm hit the area and we were glad to be inside. Connie did get her glasses adjusted while we were in Costco so we accomplished something by going there.

On Saturday morning it rained again and I did some catch up work for my previous employer. We went into Crossville to look for some "dining room" chairs since the ones we have are not very comfortable. We found a couple at one of the local stores that might work, but decided to keep looking before making a final decision. Then over to Walmart to do some shopping including replacing our vacuum cleaner which broke on the trip over from North Carolina.

Connie enjoying the "comforts of home on the road"