Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Johnson Family Reunion

Tuesday-Tuesday (Jul 7-14):

Tuesday my dad and I played 9 holes of golf on a course located about 1/4 mile from the campground. After the golf game all of us went into Lewisburg and ate lunch at Mildred's Restaurant. We are waiting on relatives to start arriving at the park for the reunion. Later in Lewisburg we found a couple of martini glasses for $2 a piece and bought both of them.

On Wednesday Connie and I drove up to Nashville so that Connie could order some new glasses. The old ones she has have become scratched up and need to be replaced. Connie had called several places and found that Costco had the best price on the type of lens that she wanted to have in her glasses. Since she had not had an eye exam in over a year, Connie had made an appointment with the optometrist who offices next door to the Costco. We arrived around 10 AM at the location and Connie's eye exam was completed by 10:30. She then went over to Costco to look at frames and order glasses. She picked out a pair of frames for her regular glasses and then a second pair for her sun glasses. The sun glasses have a lens in them that allow you to read your phone or tablet so she is excited about getting them to use. The glasses will be ready in about 10 days so we will pick them up later this month since we are staying around Nashville until the end of July.

On Thursday I played golf with my dad and Uncle Harry at the Saddle Creek Golf Course in Lewisburg. It is a nice course with bent grass greens. I shot an 82 while both my dad and Harry struggled with their games (neither have played much in the last year). Connie did some shopping and visited with relatives of mine who were at the Henry Horton State Park lodge. She also went to Columbia and ate lunch at Marcy Jo's Mealhouse which is a restaurant she had heard about from the owners of our campground. While in the parking lot she met two ladies from Oklahoma, Loretta and Wannetta, who were visiting their brother in Nashville and invited her to have lunch with them. Connie brought home a pecan sticky bun which we ate that evening for dessert.

On Friday I played golf again with my dad and Uncle Harry at the same course and we were joined by Jack who is married to my cousin Brenda. I ended up shooting a 79, Jack had a 86 while dad and Harry continued their struggles with their golf games.

Connie spend more time visiting with relatives while we played golf. After the golf I joined Connie in spending time with members of the Johnson and Mitchell families (my grandfather and grandmother's families).

Saturday and Sunday was spent visiting with relatives. We spent some time with my cousin Sandra and her husband Clay who were camping at Henry Horton State Park in a new travel trailer that they had purchased a few weeks ago. We gave them a few pointers that we have learned and wished them well on their future camping trips. By early Sunday afternoon everyone except us had started on their journeys back to their homes. We had received the replacement thermistors on Friday for our refrigerator so we ended up buying some ice at Walmart and moving everything out of the refrigerator so we could completely defrost it before putting in the new thermistors.

Monday was a work day for us around the motor home. We finished up defrosting the refrigerator, replaced the thermistors and waited for it to cool down. With these absorption type of refrigerators it takes about 24 hours for them to get down to their lowest temps. We also replaced one of the day/night blinds inside the motor home. Then we decided to tackle the biggest job which was replacing the seals and ball cock on the toilet. It took us several hours since we had to stop each step of way and make sure we were doing it correctly and we decided to put on rubber gloves and give it a good cleaning while we had it apart. By late in the evening we were able to put items back in the refrigerator (but not the freezer) since the temperature had got low enough in that part of the unit.

Tuesday morning we ended up taking the toilet apart one more time since the seals were not working properly. The job went much smoother this time since we had done the same steps yesterday. This time everything worked perfectly including all of the seals we replaced. We turned on the ice maker in the freezer and it actually started making ice. So far we have a freezer that works although it is only getting down to 15 degrees and not the 5-10 degrees we were hoping for. In the afternoon we went over to Henry Horton State Park and went swimming until the pool closed because of thunderstorms.