Saturday, July 4, 2015

Picker's Creek Winery - Lewisburg TN

Friday (July 3):

Today is my birthday and Connie baked me a wonderful cake made from angel food cake mix and crushed pineapples for the occasion. It was light and not too sweet with no icing: easy to make and delicious to eat.

It rained most of the night and all morning long here in central Tennessee. Getting a break from the rain I went up to the office to get what I thought was a package from Amazon that had been delivered to us here at the campground. We opened the package to discover that it was box of insulin from Humana Pharmaceuticals that was suppose to be delivered to a lady near Chatanooga TN. Connie and I spent the next hour on the phone with both Amazon and Humana trying to figure out what had gone wrong. We examined the box closer and saw that the original box had been torn open and then placed inside another box with our name on it. So someone at UPS has really screwed up. We finally were able to get to supervisors at both Amazon and Humana and think we have Amazon shipping another package to us with the correct order and Humana sending us a return shipping label for the insulin. Since we opened the package (it had our name on it) and it contained medical information about a patient of Humana, there is a violation of the patient's privacy (called the HIPAA rule) and we will receive another call from Humana next week about the problem with the package.

In the afternoon we decided to visit the Picker's Creek Winery which is located about 12 miles from our campground as they were having their July 4th celebration today (in Tennessee you can not sell alcohol or guns/ammunition on July 4 ).
View of part of the vineyard at the winery
We had found out that they were having live music, food trucks and a fireworks display at nightfall if the weather held out. We arrived at the winery around 3:30 PM and went inside to enjoy the free wine tasting. The brother of the owner was the one that served us the wine to taste and also answered our questions about the winery (it is a new winery that has only been active since 2009). We tasted all of their wines: one white, several reds, one blush and several "sweet" wines.

The owner of the winery is a lawyer and his wife who bought the property from his parents. His father played in a number of bands, blue-grass and western swing, in the area and was known for his guitar picking. One of the wines is named after his father and called Mack's Band. The property has a small creek on it so they name the winery after his dad ability to pick a guitar and the creek: Picker's Creek Winery. The have some unusual names for their wines.


We ending up buying a bottle of the GuitarZin which we drank while sitting on the porch overlooking the vineyard enjoying a bowl of chicken/sausage gumbo listening to some live music by The Bird and The Bear (the bird is a lady from The Netherlands and the bear is a gentlemen from New York who meet in a hostel in Nashville).
Happy July 4th to everyone

We left after the first set of music since it looked like it might start raining. All in all not a bad way to spend my 61st birthday.