Friday, July 3, 2015

Visit to Lynnville TN

Thursday (Jul 2):

Today Connie and I went over to Lewisburg TN and did some grocery shopping at the Kroger’s since it was not raining and the forecast was for it to rain most of today. After putting up the groceries and having lunch, we decided to go over to Lynnville to visit the town and take a tour of the TennSouth Distillery that is located near the town.
We followed the Google Maps app on our mobile phone to the distillery which is located a couple of miles outside of Lynnville. We met Colin who gave us the tour and also ran the tasting of their spirits.
The distillery has been in business since 2012 so has not been doing this for very long. The laws concerning small distilleries here in Tennessee changed in 2009 and several distilleries have opened around the state since then. TennSouth gets all of the corn used in their spirits from local growers within the same county. They also use wheat and other grains from sources with in the state. Colin was very knowledgeable about the process and did a great job on giving us a tour of their operation.


TennSouth distills several different spirits: a moonshine along with several flavored moonshine blends, Corn Whiskey, Tennessee Whiskey, vodka and gin. The moonshine is only distilled once while the other spirits are distilled several times.  Moonshine is not aged while the other spirits require a period of time to age (varies from about 12 to 18 months). The pictures above show the barrels that are used in the process: Tennessee Whiskey can only be made in Tennessee and only in “new” oak barrels that have been charred. Once the barrels have been used in making Tennessee Whiskey they are then used to make the Corn Whiskey. Corn Whiskey is made with only corn grain while the Tennessee Whiskey uses a mix of corn (76%) and also wheat/other grains (24%). The process itself to make these spirits is a combination of chemistry and art. Colin took the time to take us through the distilling process and answered all of our questions about their operation.

After the tour it was time to “taste” their spirits. We took small samples of all of their products and were impressed with the quality and taste of each one of the different spirits. We especially like the Apple Pie Moonshine and the Black Mule Vodka (which we ended up buying a bottle of each). TennSouth Distillery is a part of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail which includes Jim Bean, George Dickel and several other smaller distillers.


After a very enjoyable time at the TennSouth Distillery, we went back into Lynnville. Lynnville is a quaint little town with several tourist shops located along the main street in town. We stopped into the White Horse Trading Company and picked up a loaf of gluten free pecan cranberry pound cake.


We spent a few minutes walking main street and visiting a couple of the stores along the way.


All in all a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. On another personal note, I have had to work for my old employer this week since the lady who replaced me and was suppose to come back to work this week is out sick with a viral infection (both her and her new born came down with the infection).  So a lot of early morning and late nights this week on the computer.