Monday, August 17, 2015

Kentucky Horse Park Campground

Friday (Aug 14):

We made the 90 mile trip from the Little Farm on the River Campground to the Kentucky Horse Park Campground near Lexington Kentucky. The Kentucky Horse Park is a large facility that has several arenas with stands along with 3 polo fields. The campground is located in a separate area next to the main Horse Park.
Our site - B098
We had gone on-line and reserved the last site in the campground (there were several small "rallies" going on at the campground over the weekend). We had to maneuver the Duchess into the tight site and once we got located we had to trim some dead branches that were hanging over the RV. TV was from several local TV channels from Lexington since there was no way to get a DirecTV signal sitting under all of these trees.

We rode our bikes over to the Horse Park and watched a group of men playing polo on one of the fields (there were games on two of the three fields).
Looks like a couple of the polo competitors arrived in their personal helicopters.
It is called the game of kings for a reason.

We watched the match for a while. The players and horses travel
up and down the field at a rapid pace.
 From the polo fields we went up to the large arena where there was a horse jumping competition going on. There were girls and young ladies from all over the USA competing at this event which would be going on all week-end.

There were several arenas that were hosting different jumping events at various level of difficulty and skill level. We saw competitors (mainly girls/women but also a few men) from very young ages to a few our age. We rode our bike around the stables and saw some beautiful horses. At the Kentucky Horse Park the horses have the right of way so you have to be careful where you ride. They have crossing guards that stop all traffic when a horse passes and they have covered the roads with artificial turf at the horse crossing locations.

Saturday (Aug 15):

This was a resting day for us. We did start a program called 30 Days of Yoga that we are going to try and complete over the next month (today was Day 1). In the afternoon Connie took a nap while I watched the PGA Championship on TV. We then visited Kroger's to get our groceries for the next couple of days. With us only having a small frig, we only buy food for 2 days at a time.

Sunday ( Aug 16):

We completed Day 2 of our 30 Days of Yoga this morning and then went swimming at the campground pool. The water in pool was cool but once you got used to the temperature it was nice and refreshing. In the afternoon we took a drive into Lexington to see the city and the University of Kentucky. Lexington is a city of about 300,000 that is dominated by the University of Kentucky. The campus has a lot of construction going on and was not much to see. We were expecting it to be a pretty campus but it looks more like a community college than an old university.

We found a local brewery on the web and decided to visit for a sampling of their brews. The West 6th Brewing is located near a historic section of Lexington that has a number of large houses built in the late 19th and early 20th century. A number of these houses have been kept up over time but more needed to be cleaned up and painted. I had the "Flight of Five" sampler while Connie chose 4 different brews. We each tasted all 9 brews and found them all to our liking.
Connie making her selections

Connie choices

The "Flight of Five"

West 6th Brewing Company
We returned back to the campground where Connie cooked our dinner and then we begin to put items up for our trip south tomorrow.