Monday, August 10, 2015

More days in Indiana

Saturday (Aug 8):

We took a trip into Muncie Indiana to do some bicycle riding and visit a couple of sites in the city. Part of the Cardinal Greenways is located within the city of Muncie and we wanted to see what it looked like. The greenways are a series of paved trails that cover 62 miles around Muncie that can be used for walking, running or biking. Connie and I rode for a while before Connie's back started bothering her and we had to quit. The trails we rode were along side the White River and are very well maintained.
Mike looking at one of the signs along the trail

Connie with a small waterfall behind on the White River
After our ride we looked on TripAdvisor and found a Mediterranean restaurant that served Gyros. We ordered and were surprised when our Gyros came and had very little lamb in them (we asked them to cut out the beef). When the bill came the price was almost double what was on the menu and the waitress told us it was because the extra work involved in  making it a lamb only Gyros. When I went to complain to the manager, the owner of the restaurant came out and was very apologetic about the whole situation. The waitress was new and did not handle the situation very well. The owner told us the meal was "on the house" because of the screw-up and I thanked him for the way he handled the situation. We had a brief conversation about the fact he has just been in Houston Texas and how hot Texas was.

From there we travelled over to Ball State University to visit the David Owsley Museum of Art. Ball State University is famous for one of it's graduates, David Letterman, whose name is on the building for the Media and Telecommunications Department. The campus is beautiful and there is a lot of new construction going on around the university. The Ball Family (there were four brothers) who started the company in the 1880's that made the Ball canning jars are who the university is named after and one of their grandsons is David Owsley.  He is a museum curator along with being one of several heirs to the Ball fortune and is also involved in the family's charitable trusts. There are items in the museum dating as far back as 7,000 B.C. and from all parts of the world. It is a world class museum located in the heart of Indiana. Here are a few photos from our visit:

After driving around the university for a while we drove by the houses of the original four Ball brothers who started the Ball Company. Here are pictures of three of the four houses (the 4th was hosting a party and we could not get a picture);

Sunday (Aug 9):

Sunday was a relaxing day for us. There was a light rain off and on through out the day so for the most part we stayed in the motorhome. We spent some time looking a the options for our replacement refrigerator and seeing if we could add a flat screen TV mid coach in the Duchess. We also worked on getting the Duchess level and once we got the level (within the bubble) in all directions several of our problems with the slides went away.  We also figured out a way to move the steering wheel to get the driver's chair to turn around and become part of the living room. We decided to make a large pot of chicken tortilla soup that will last for a couple of meals for us in the evening. We also decided to put off going to Newmar at this point in time since we are taking care of most of our problems either by ourselves or with our trip back to Tennessee.

Monday (Aug 10):

Monday morning we were trying to decide if we wanted to stay at the campground for another day or move on to a different location. We tried calling campgrounds around Indianapolis but they were all booked up due to the Indiana State Fair that is going on through August 20th. So Connie called a campground near Cincinnati and we were able to book four nights. We got everything ready to leave and then travelled the 115 miles to the Little Farm on the River RV Park located in Rising Sun Indiana on the Ohio River. On the way down we passed through Greensburg Indiana and saw a courthouse that has a tree growing out of the top of it.

We pulled into the campground were assigned Site 142 which is very close to the river. After we got set up we went into town to eat and do some grocery shopping. There is a casino in Rising Sun called the Rising Star Casino Resort and we stopped by and walked through the facility.

 From there we went "downtown" to eat and found the first place we found on Yelp to be closed down. So we tried another close by calledthe  Main Street Diner, We both had pulled pork sandwiches and they were good. We stopped by the local IGA grocery and picked up a couple of items before heading back go the campground. As we were going home it started raining. Connie thinks we should hire ourselves out as rainmakers since everywhere we go it rains.