Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back to Crossville TN

Saturday (Aug 22):

We tried to find one of the trails in the park to walk today. We found the start of the trail, but since the trail was not marked we ended up giving up and going back to the campground. The afternoon and evening was spent cleaning up the Duchess and getting ready to leave tomorrow. We went to The Abbey, a local restaurant, for dinner that evening and had a good meal.

Sunday (Aug 23):

We left Levi Jackson Wilderness State Park and headed south to Spring Lake RV Resort in Crossville TN. As we approached Knoxville we ended up driving through rain again on I-75 and I-40. We had stayed at this campground when we were here in June and remembered it was a nice park. The campground was sold to new owners on July 1st and we were curious if there had been any changes. Everything was the same except the new owners have added dumpsters to the location instead of a number of trash cans. We checked into the campground, met the new owners, were assigned to Site 58. We got set up only for one night since we are going to Creston RV Service to have the old refrigerator taken out tomorrow.

Small lake in middle of campground

Our Site 58

Monday (Aug 24):

We took The Duchess to Creston RV Service to have the old refrigerator taken out this morning. We left the motorhome with Bill Dodson to do the removal and let us know what size of residential refrigerator we can put back into the space. We then went and did some shopping. We got a call from Bill around 1:00 PM with the dimensions available to us. The replacement frig we selected is a Samsung 17.5 cubic foot model with French doors. We went to Crossville Tire and Appliance and Lowe's and neither had this model in stock. Lowe's told us that it would take them 3 weeks to have one delivered to their store here in Crossville. So we returned to Creston RV and discussed with Bill our options. After calling several on-line stores, Bill called Samsung directly and found out who had this model in stock. We ended up placing an order with ABT Appliances in Illinois and they are shipping one to Creston RV this week (we hope it will arrive this week).

"old frig" is now out/waiting on the new one
In the evening we found out that Fairfield Glades, a local community near the campground, was having a live concert and serving hamburgers and sandwiches. We ended staying about an hour at the concert and left when the sun started to go down and it began to get cool.

We were one of the "young ones" in the audience

Tuesday (Aug 25):

A slow day for us. We did some shopping at the "Outlet Mall" here in Crossville (I bought some socks and shoes and Connie found her favorite pair of pants for $12 instead of the original price of $35). Then we decided to see if we could remove the mirror located on the wall where the refrigerator is located. It was slow going but we finally got the mirror removed (without any damage to ourselves) and then on to the removal of the glue/double sided tape Newmar used to hang the mirror. We tried a couple of products before Connie remembered that WD-40 works to loosen the glue. So we sprayed the areas of tape/glue and used scrappers to remove everything. In the end it came out looking good and we are proud of the job we did.

Before with mirror

Without mirror
Wednesday (Aug 26):

We make the one hour trip to Knoxville today to do some shopping. We went to Best Buy and bought a Samsung 32" HDTV, a wall mount and a wireless HDMI system for the motorhome. We also did other shopping along with stopping at Noodles and Company for lunch. We both thought that Noodles and Company had excellent food and was a great value for the price. Once we returned back to the campground I tested the wireless HDMI system to make sure it would work and it does. We are still trying to decide exactly how we will mount this TV in the wall outside the refrigerator. We will have to wait and see how the refrigerator goes in before making a final decision on this.