Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Waiting on a Refrigerator in Crossville TN

Thursday - Monday (Aug 26-Aug 31):

Not much to report here in Tennessee. We are still waiting on the refrigerator to arrive so that we can schedule the install. Connie and I have doing our 30 days of yoga each morning (Connie has to modify some of the routines due to her back) and walking about 2 miles each day. We have met one other couple in the park who have been here for several months. Rod had back surgery (upper back disks fused) earlier this year and his wife is on a regimen to slow down her Multiple Sclerosis. They have been full timing for about 4 years and want to continue to do it for as long as they can. Just when you think you have some problems you find out that other people are dealing with issues a lot more serious than ours.

On Sunday we travelled over to Knoxville to pick up some items for the motorhome. The dining room chairs we hoped to pick up at World Market were down only one in stock (with a 30 days wait on an order), so we passed on the one chair. At SteinMart the pillows that we had seen on sale were no longer on sale so we passed on them. We did eat at Noodles and Company again so at least we had a good lunch.

Monday night we attended the local county fair here in Crossville. There is a midway with all types of rides along with games of "skill" to win stuffed animals. There was a number of food vendors along the showing of animals raised by the local children and teen-agers. We had been told that the musical group that was playing, Phil Dirt and the Dozers, was very good and we were not disappointed. They played music from the 50's and 60's for an hour and half. Most of the audience was our age or older, so we fit right in with the crowd.

This rooster at the fair reminded us of
Beth Clare's puppy dog - CoCo

Phil Dirt and Dozers
We are now hoping that the refrigerator will arrive on Wednesday and get installed Thursday or Friday. We also want to wish a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to our friend, Kay Law, back in Austin Texas.