Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Repairs are finally finished

Monday-Wednesday (Sep 14-16):

On Monday afternoon we received a call from Bill Dodson @ Creston RV Service that the parts we needed to finish our repairs had come in and he had some time to install them. I drove The Duchess over to his shop and had the controller for the Oasis Hydronic Heating System swapped out. The Oasis was fired up but the diesel fuel option kept flaming out. Bill ended up changing out the diesel oil filter for the Oasis and that fixed the problem. SO NOW WE FINALLY HAVE HOT WATER AND HEAT FOR THE COACH THAT WORKS. Then it was on to the replay switch that allows the engine alternator to charge the batteries while we are traveling down the road. It worked once the parts were replaced and so our repairs are done for now. We are very pleased with the work that Bill has done on the coach and would recommend him to anyone who is in this area and needs work done on your RV. He is very thorough and makes sure that everything is handled in a professional manner. He does warranty work for a number of companies. His shop is so clean that you could probably have a picnic on the floor.

Bill in front of an Airstream trailer. He specializes in restoring old Airstream trailers.

Monday evening we ran several loads of wash along with each of us taking a shower and did not run out of hot water. We also tested the coach heater for a few minutes and it worked as well. On Tuesday we switched the Oasis over to the electric elements and that worked as well (this will only work to heat the water, not the coach itself). We have decided to leave Thursday and head north towards Michigan. We will be attending the RV-Dreams Fall Educational Rally near Traverse City Michigan from October 6-11. We will also make a stop in the Elkhart-Goshen Indiana area to look at replacing our dining room chairs that have worn out.

We are excited about being able to get on the road again and see some new sights (especially Connie). I called my dad today and wished him a "Happy Birthday" (he turned 83 today).