Sunday, September 13, 2015

More repair work on The Duchess

Tuesday (Sep 1) to Sunday (Sep 13):

It feels like we are in the "Twilight Zone" and we can not get out of Tennessee. Every time we find something wrong with The Duchess and start to fix it, more problems appear.

We are still in Crossville TN having work done on the motor home. We had our old Norcold gas/electric refrigerator taken out and replaced with a Samsung residential model. Both the old Norcold and the new Samsung are both have 17.5 cubic feet of storage space, but the Samsung is a French Door model so it seems like it we have more storage space than the old one. Since we were living with 2 cubic feet of refrigerator space, this one now seems huge. For some reason the electric plug where the old refrigerator was plugged in was not on the inverter system in the coach, so a new plug was wired and installed. This allows us to run the refrigerator off of the house batteries when we are traveling down the road (instead of having to turn the generator on).

The Oasis Hydronic Heating System was having a number of problems including a major leak in the coolant system so we ordered a new one. This is the system that is used to heat the water in the coach, provide radiant heat as well as warm the engine if needed. We had the old one taken out and the new one put in. But now we have to replace a controller board to get it to work properly. We are taking showers in the bath house here at the campground and heating our water one gallon at a time for use inside the RV.

One of our house batteries was not holding a charge, so we had all four of the batteries replaced (this is the recommended method of replacing batteries in an RV). While doing this it was discovered that the relay switch that allows the house batteries to charge off of the engine alternator while we are traveling was not working. So we have ordered the parts to have this repaired. While the batteries were being replaced, they cleaned up the battery tray, greased the rollers and sprayed a new "bed" onto the tray.

While The Duchess was not in the shop, Connie and I created a space next to the new Samsung refrigerator to install a TV that we can view from our driver and passenger chairs along with still being able to use the front TV as needed. We installed the rack to hold the TV, a space for a sound bar & wireless HDMI receiver and a space for storing our wine bottles.

Hopefully all of the parts we need to finish up the repair work will come in on Monday and be installed on Tuesday. We will stay here for a few days to "test" everything and make sure it works properly.

New Samsung residential frig

Are you sure we cut it to the right size?

All the holes have been cut and everything works!

Finished project after trim has been installed.
This morning the temperature in Crossville was 48 degrees. We slept last night with a blanket on the bed and were able to open the windows in the coach and not use the air conditioners. This was a nice change for the warm weather we had been having the last week or so. Connie and I have continued to do our modified yoga almost every day along with walking for about 35-40 minutes.