Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Escapee Rainbow's End Park

Connie and I have settled in here at the Rainbow's End Park. This is one of the parks in the Escapees system (it is the first one the group started with and is where their headquarters is located). We became Escapees members last fall when they were running a special on their membership dues. We had been to this park several years ago when we attended a RV Boot Camp  put on by the Escapees group after we had purchased our first RV, a Jayco 5th wheel.

There are about 200 sites in this campground along with a number of lots which individuals have purchased from the Escapees. On these lots are: (1) some with houses only (2) some with houses and RV storage garages/buildings and (3) some with RV storage garage/building with sheds.

House with RV storage site + sheds

RV storage building with sheds

Small "house" with RV storage

There is also several other community buildings with-in the campground.

Club House (this is where Connie and I took our RV Boot Camp classes)

Activity Center

There are a couple of special buildings located on this site. The Escapees run one of the largest mail services in the country. Full time RVer's that want to make Texas their "domicile" can use the Escapees mail service to create a physical address here in Texas along with have their mail forwarded to them while on the road. We were told that their sorting equipment had broken down three weeks ago and they were hand sorted all of the mail (going old school). The replacement parts had arrived but had not been installed as of today, so everyone is experiencing some delays in mail service.

Mail Service building

There is also a Care Center located here on site. At this building, Escapees members can receive medical care (such as cancer treatments) while still living in their RV.

Connie continues to recover from her back surgery: some days are better than others. We have tried to walk 2-3 times a day for about 25-30 minutes at a time. I have also been able to ride my bicycle the last two days. It has been several months since I have been on the bike, so I have to get my behind back in shape before I can spent much time on the bike.

I met several couples here in the park: Gary/Terri who have been full timing for 16 years and R. T./Sally Hall who have been full timing for 9 years. R. T. Hall is a songwriter/singer who is traveling around the country work-camping and doing performances.

R. T. Hall