Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Decisions about what to take in the Duchess

Easter Sunday:

Connie and I hosted some family for Easter Sunday. Guests included Connie's sister Debbie, Debbie's daughter Lisa and her husband Gabe and Debbie's grandson Josh. The weather ended up being overcast with a light mist, so we ended up eating in the barn. Connie had stuffed a chicken on Saturday that we cooked in our NuWave oven along with cooking some pulled pork in the slow cooker. Both turned out to be delicious. After everyone had taken a "tour" of The Duchess, we visited for several hours before our guests returned to Austin.


Connie spend most of the day trying to organize the kitchen. She went through all of her spices and moved a lot of them from bottles to small plastic bags. She also rearranged where several items were stored in the cabinets and got the last of our "groceries/food" put up.

We discovered that the drain line from the kitchen sink had come loose so we ended up having to take everything out of the cabinet under the sink, use towels to get rid of the water, re-connect and test the drain lines, run a fan for several hours to make sure everything was dried out and then put everything back. I don't know if this was loose from the time we bought the motorhome or if it came loose in transit from Dallas to Austin. We will try and remember to look at this during our next several moves.

I spent the day trying to decide which plastic bins will fit in the basement (bay) storage. After several attempts at arranging bins, I finally came up with a plan that will maximize the storage capability we have in The Duchess.


Another day trying to get organized. I was able to "test" our small tripod mounted 18" satellite dish to see if I could find the satellite and get the DirectTV receiver to work with this dish. After a number of attempts, I finally figured out that I have to unplug the receiver from power to be able to reprogram it for a different dish. Also found out that the flat cable the company we bought the dish from doesn't work (this is used to go through the window so that you can fully closed it). I will have to get a replacement for this part of the cable.

We made a lot of progress going through more stuff in the barn. We made a few changes in where the plastic bins are located and started to put more of our items in the motorhome. Put our winter clothes in large plastic bags to store in the bays and brought the last of our clothes into the motorhome. By the end of the day we were able to see a "light at the end of the tunnel" at this part of getting ready to start.

Connie's back continues to get better although she has to take it easy. She tries to walk several times a day and has found out that ice packs are her friends.

Still have several things we need to accomplish before we leave Rosanky:

  • Sale of Connie's Toyota Solara convertible
  • Take Connie's family photos and family financial paperwork to her sister
  • Get rid of all of our trash and boxes from the downsizing here in Rosanky
  • Connie wants to have some jewelry re-done (stones from one ring to another, etc.)
  • Few more items that need to be donated
  • Clean up the garage and put all stored items on shelves
We are hoping to be able to head out on the road by the end of next week. I would like to take The Duchess to the Escapees campground in Livingston Texas and go through their Smart Weigh program.