Thursday, April 30, 2015

Final Days @ Rainbow's End

Connie and I are finally winning the war with the webworms. There are still a few trying to crawl up the motorhome, but most of them are either spinning a cocoon or going another direction. I guess the Sevin dust did some good once we put in around The Duchess. We are still taking it slow and easy here in Livingston while Connie continues her recovery. I have been able to walk and bike ride most days while Connie has walked at least twice each day this week.

Today (Thursday), we got the motor home weighed. The Duchess came in at a grand total of 36,630 pounds with a full load of water, propane and diesel fuel. The Duchess is rated to handle up to 44,000 pounds so we are well under the maximum weight for our rig. The SmartWeigh program here at the Escapee's Park uses scales to weigh each tire or tire set along each axle. We have three axles on The Duchess so we have three sets of numbers to deal with.It is possible to be under your maximum weight on the RV while being over weight on one of the axles. The Duchess came in under weight on all of the axles. We will need to make some adjustments in the tire pressures to correlate with our axle weights, but everything else is OK on The Duchess. We could actually add some additional weight in our storage areas and still be under the load limits for our rig.

This is where they do the weighing. Both Connie and I
had to remain inside the RV to get the proper amounts of
weight on each axle.

We went into Livingston to have lunch at Florida's Restaurant which is a local place that specializes in BBQ. The have made the list of several top BBQ restaurants in Texas over the years and we were not disappointed in the "lunch specials" that we ordered. There was lots of BBQ and it was delicious. After a walk around the Polk County Courthouse square to visit a few of the local shops, we did some groceries shopping at HEB before returning to The Duchess.

We are leaving this campground tomorrow and headed to Galveston. The campground in Galveston had an opening for Friday night and we took advantage of it. We have enjoyed our stay in Livingston, but it is time to move on. Our home does have wheels, you know.

One of the campers here is bringing their garden along with them.