Friday, April 24, 2015

Rainy Day @ Rainbow's End


We took it easy today: Connie and I took an early walk, I was able to do a modified yoga workout (with the top of The Duchess being just under 7 feet tall I have to modify anything over my head) and later in the day I went bike riding for about 45 minutes. Connie is still not able to ride her bike, so I was off on my own. There are several county roads around the park that are paved for several miles along with some other roads that are not paved. I spent the time on my bike exploring around the campground: It is a mixture of nice houses along with single wide & double wide trailers all located on several acre lots. Some of the lots are big enough to have one or two horses on them. The weather has turned warmer here with afternoon highs near 90.


I was up early and did my yoga routine again this morning. After a short walk and breakfast, Connie and I went into town to do some shopping. We found out that the Walmart store here in Livingston had closed this past Monday, so all of the other shops in the town are quite busy. It is very unusual for a Walmart to close (without another newer one opening up close by) and we heard several different explanations of why it closed. Since Lake Livingston is located here along with several RV campgrounds, you would have thought that the Walmart would have stayed busy year round. After we got back to the park, Connie took a nap while I went for a long walk. We played a few hands of gin rummy outside before starting our evening meal. For dinner we used our NuWave oven to cook some lamb steaks Connie had marinated and frozen several days ago. The NuWave did an excellent job of cooking the frozen lamb while keeping it juicy. We set it up outside on the picnic table next to The Duchess and kept the heat out of the RV. We decided to bring along both the NuWave oven and the NuWave induction cooktop and it looks like that will be a good decision on our part.

NuWave Induction Cooker

NuWave Oven


Connie and I went to the Care Center here at the park for The Big Breakfast this morning. We were able to meet several other people who are here camping here at Rainbow's End Park. One couple mentioned that they seen us on RVillage and from there they had seen our blog. They talked with us about their plans to take their truck/5th wheel to Alaska next year. They have been full-timing for several years and have visited 37 states and a number of the national parks. The wife had back surgery about 12 years ago, so Connie and her discussed their surgeries and recoveries. Another gentleman told us that he had made the trip to Alaska in his truck/5th wheel several years ago and gave them the pros/cons of doing this in an RV. He also gave me his rule of 2's: travel only 200 miles (or less) per day - stop by 2:00 PM - plan to stay for 2 weeks. He said in his first year of full-timing, he and his wife had traveled over 30,000 miles and he could not remember any of the places that they visited. So he learned to slow down and enjoy each spot rather than making it a race to see how many places they could visit in a year.

By the time we had finished breakfast and visiting with other RVer's, the rain had started here in Livingston. It looks like it will rain most of the day, so we will be spending the day inside The Duchess. Gave me time to post on the blog again this morning.