Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another Day in Spartanburg


Today I ended up spending a number of hours doing accounting work on the computer. However, Connie and I were able to get away for a couple of walks.

Here are a few pictures of the Cunningham RV Park, the campground where we are staying this week. This park was originally a KOA Campground that is now under private ownership. Most of the sites are occupied by full-time residents with almost all of them being in either travel trailers or 5th wheels. There is an old motorhome a couple of sites away from us that is falling apart and has not had anyone in it for a long time. We have seen several motor homes spend one night in the campground include a Prevost last night. We have had some problems with the electricity here in the campground: our surge protector/energy management box has turned off the electricity to The Duchess several times due to the voltage falling too low. I think it is because it has been hot here this week and everyone in the campground has been running their air conditioners. The Wifi service has been good most of the time, but after 5 PM when most of the residents are home the connection gets pretty slow. Our AT&T Wireless service has been good here with 3-4 bars of 4G service.

The Duchess in Site 86 at the campground

You can see most of the sites occupied by trailers around us 
The old KOA A-frame office plus a pool

This morning Connie and I went to the Barnet Park for a walk. The website said there was a 2 mile trail through the park, but after doing the walk we thought it might be 1/2 mile. I'm not sure who measured the distance in the park, but they were sadly mistaken if they thought it was any where near 2 miles. We extended our walk but using the streets around the park to end up with a 45 minutes trek.

Entry to Barnet Park

There is an amphiteater in park where they show movies along
with doing plays & productions

Connie doing her own production
In the afternoon we went out to Croft State Park near Spartanburg. The park has some camping sites for RV's that we wanted to check out along with 50 miles of walking trails. We ended up doing  the Nature Trail which is about 2 miles of moderate difficulty going up and down the side of a hill to a creek that runs through the park. The temps were around 90 degrees and there was no breeze in the park so we were soaked by the time we finished. After completing the walk we drove around the park to view the RV sites. There were a few we could see The Duchess fitting into, but they would all be tight. Also the sites have electric and water but not sewer at the site (there is a dump station). The more level sites only had 30 amp service which would be OK if the weather was not too hot but they were across the road from the lake that sits in the middle of the park.

The Nature Trail goes by a creek at the bottom of the hill

We were wore out after the walk and returned to The Duchess to take our showers and eat dinner. Connie made up small pizzas that she cooked in our microwave/convection oven using a cooking stone to brown the bottom of the pizza. We opened up one of the wine bottles that we had bought from Whole Foods (Don Simon - Tempranillo wine from Spain) and began to relax for the evening. Our NuWave oven has stopped working and Connie ordered us a new one this morning. Hopefully it will arrive at our North Carolina campground next week. We think that the old one we had got bounced around too much in the place we had it stored, so we will try and "protect" the new one by using padding around the NuWave motor while we travel. Some of the roads we go down are quite bumpy even for an 18 ton motorhome.