Monday, May 25, 2015

Visits to Two Wineries & Fun Day at RV Dreams Rally


On Sunday morning we got up, ate breakfast and then did our morning exercise. This morning we walked for a awhile and then took a short bike ride around the campground. The campground was full for the Memorial Day week-end so we got to see a wide variety of RV rigs. They also have a large service center as well as a sales center with new and used RV rigs.

We had signed up for a noon time brunch at the Silver Fork Winery which is located about 30 minutes away from the campground. We hitched a ride with Bill & Kelly over to the winery and were seated for the brunch. We thought that all of the RV Dreams group (there were 14 of us) would be sitting together, but we ended up at a number of individual tables. The food at the brunch was excellent and we both had a couple of glasses of wine along with the food. Connie has the Nonsense Blend which is has Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petite Verdot grapes. I had the Four Dog Red Blend which has the three grapes contained in Connie's along with Cabernet Savignon. The views from the winery were spectacular and there was a 4 person group that played music for about 1.5 hours. The two ladies had wonderful voices: they played some well known songs along with some songs that members of the group had written.
Some of the newest grapes in the vineyard

Connie sitting at our table for 2

This was only the second time this winery had done a brunch.
We told them they needed to continue to put these on.

Some of the older grapes in the vineyard (planted around 20 years ago).
This was the view from our table.

JAM: this was the first time this group had played in public together
After leaving the Silver Fork Winery, we decided to go over to another winery in the area: South Creek Winery. Connie and I both did the full tasting of all of their wines (both whites and reds) after which Connie got a glass of their cab/merlot blend. Lee Lindsey, who the owner had met at another winery, was playing outside of the tasting room on the patio and we listened to her for a while before we headed back to the campground.

This is the owner of the winery. He bought the winery from the original
owners in 2010.

Lee Lindsey performing on the patio.

The grapes at this winery were planted in 2000.

Patio outside the Tasting Room
Back at the campground, I went over and had some ice cream with all of the toppings (Connie skipped the ice cream) before calling it a full day.


This was a day for activities around the campground at the Rally. Since we were participants in the activities, we did not take any pictures. I maybe be able to add some photos from other campers at a later date to this blog post.

After our morning walk, we went over to the pavilion for a full breakfast for all of the campers. After everyone had finished eating, we took group photos. Howard and Linda Payne, who are the couple that founded and run RV-Dreams, started doing educational rallies in 2008 and have done 1 to 3 educational rallies every year since then. Connie and I attended the educational rally in Goshen, Indiana in September 2014 and there were 10 other participants from that rally here at the campground. All of us are now full timing: we were that last ones to start from the group that is here at the Reunion Rally. If anyone is interested in the RV life style (, the Paynes have one of the most comprehensive websites out on the internet with a lots and lots of information. I stumbled across the website several years and started reading Howard's blog about their decision to full-time RV and what they went through on their journey down this road. It helped us make the decision to live this lifestyle ourselves.

The afternoon was spent playing games and having fun. There were relay games, bean bag toss, washers, frisbee golf along with a number of other games that were played for several hours. This evening there was a pot luck supper after which we watch a slide show of previous rallies, remembered and honored our military veterans, and also remembered the members of the RV Dreams group who have passed away in the last few years. It was another full day here at the Reunion Rally.