Monday, May 11, 2015

On the move again

Monday (5/11/15):

Not much to report from last week. Connie was on her girl's cruise out of Galveston on Royal Caribbean while I stayed at the Dellanera RV Park. The RV Park was located right on the beach and for the entire week we had red flag warnings for high winds. Most days the wind would blow from 20 to 30 mph with some higher gusts occurring from time to time. With the salt water mist in the air and the wind blowing some of the beach sand around, it did not lend itself to being outside very much.  There were times when The Duchess would be rocked by the force of the winds and one night the power went out at the RV park for several hours. I was able to walk and bike around Galveston. Once you got away from the beach area, the winds were not as bad. The Duchess needs a good wash job, but I don't know when we will be able to get to it. Galveston is an interesting city with a lot of history that involves hurricanes that have hit the island over the years.

Connie had a good time on her cruise: lots of visiting with her girlfriends along with meeting several people on the boat. She came back with some sinus problems that caused her not to be able to sleep well the last night on the boat. Although the cruise was enjoyable for Connie, we were both ready to see each other and get back on the road in The Duchess again.

After picking Connie up at the cruise ship terminal on Sunday morning, we went back to the RV to finish getting her ready to leave. We left Galveston around 11:00 AM for the trip to Kinder, Louisiana where we will be spending two nights at the Quiet Oaks RV Park. We made the trip in about 4 hours and were able to take a route that avoided Houston. We are now set up until we leave on Tuesday morning headed to Augusta, Georgia to visit Connie's aunt and cousins who live there. It looks like we may be traveling in rain this week as it seems to be moving from west to east along I-10.