Thursday, May 21, 2015

Visit to local brewery


More accounting/computer work today for me. Connie used the time to do some things around The Duchess that needed to be done (laundry and cleaning). This afternoon we were able to get away for a short while to do some walking in the local mall and visit one of the local breweries. We decided to walk in the mall today because the temperatures were near 90 degrees and we waited until the middle of the day to walk. There is a large mall here in Spartanburg with a number of large department stores anchoring the mall so we were able to get in a good walk.

After finishing our walk we drove over the RJ Rocker Brewery which has been operating in Spartanburg since 1997. They have move twice and are now located in a two story warehouse located on Main Street. We shared two samplers of their brews (and they threw in an extra one), so we were able to sample 9 of their 12 brews (the number and type changes throughout the year) currently on tap.

Trying to decide which brews to try first

Sarah, our friendly bartender/server

Mike in front of the brewing equipment

We had a taste of ales, pale ales, IPA's and stouts.

We were surprised to find their strawberry ale very tasty. The strawberries come from local farms and they clean and then freeze them for use throughout the year. They also make a peach ale at other times during the year, but they did not have any on tap today. These local brews always have more flavor than what you find in the grocery store beers. We would have liked to taken the tour of the brewery, but it did not start until 6:15 PM and we decided we could not drink beer that long and then make it home safely.