Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bon Voyage Party

Even though our launch date is not until April 1st, last night a group of our friends threw us a "Bon Voyage" party to celebrate the start of our great adventure. We want to give special thanks to Darlene & Rip Collins, Heidi & Brooks Ivey and Rhonda & Russ Herrington for all of their planning and preparation in putting the party together. We also want to thanks all of our friends who came out on a night where the weather was inclement.

Friends dating all the way back to our childhoods attended the party and wished us well on our journey. Several specials gifts were given to us including: trail mix for those long hikes and "special" bottles of wine for the end of those hikes from Darlene & Rip, koozies to keep beverages cool along the way from Heidi & Brooks and a Wilson Cell Phone Booster and Antenna (so we can keep in touch with all of our friends here in Austin) from the Collins, Herringtons and Iveys. The party had a camping theme, so the food was what you would find on a camp out (at least one appropriate for the RV lifestyle of camping). Rhonda had a friend make wonderful sugar cookies with a camping theme: some looked like canoes, campfires, RV's and other assorted items you would find at a camping site. All of the food was delicious and there was plenty for everyone. We have a great group of friends here in Austin and we will miss them when we leave.

Everyone was curious about the blog, especially the one who had not heard about it. It was enjoyable to be able to visit with friends and discuss our plans.

Again we want to thank everyone for the cards, thoughts and gifts we received. It was unexpected, but our group of friends have always been generous with each other.

Connie had spent the entire day going through photographs and picking out which one she scanned in the computer. A long day for her but one that brought back a lot of memories. This blog remains a work in progress and hopefully we will continue to add "stuff" to the blog as we go along.