Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fish Fry/Visit to The Duchess

Brooks and Heidi hosted one of their famous fish fry dinners last night. Brooks and Robert Hocker had gone fishing on Sunday and caught over 80 fish at Lake Travis. About 20 people attended the fish fry and brought along side dishes. Brooks deep fried the fish (white bass and striper) and as usual it was delicious. We all ate our fill and enjoyed the getting together with friends. One of the things Connie and I will missed the most is the fish fry dinners and the good times shared with our friends at these gatherings.

Connie and I went out to visit The Duchess yesterday. She is parked in the corner of the repair shop awaiting the next step in the process of repairing/replacing the transmission. The shop is suppose to pull the transmission today and do a physical examination of the parts. They still don't know if the entire transmission will need to be replaced or if it can be repaired. We are in that "hurry up and wait mode".

We went ahead and drained all of the water out of the motor home since it is suppose to freeze again over the next few days. We remembered to drain all of the water out of the filteration system and will go ahead and replace the water filter itself. We still need to order a few more items for the motor home before we head out on the road. We ran the generator for about an hour and put a load on it. The recommendation is that you run your generator for at least an hour once a month.

I went through some old photographs/old paperwork in a box I had been given after the death of my mother. I found several items that I had never seen before. Another trip down memory lane.