Monday, March 23, 2015

End of Dog Sitting/Move to The Duchess

Connie and I ended our dog/apartment sitting job on Saturday morning and said our good-byes to Murphy and Emma. We had packed up everything left of ours in the apartment on Friday and loaded it into our Jeep and car on Saturday morning. It had started raining in Austin on Friday and the rain continued all day Saturday. We made the trip to Rosanky Texas to spend our first night sleeping in the RV since getting the new transmission installed. We spent the time we had on Saturday moving our stuff into the RV and deciding where to store everything. Everything is soaking wet at the farm so I put out mats to keep our shoes from sticking in the mud. The good news is that all of the stock tanks at the farm are now full which is the first time that they have had this much water in them in several years (Texas has been in a drought since 2010).

Here are a few pictures of the RV and my dad's farm:

View from The Duchess overlooking the farm

The Duchess at the Rosanky farm
The Duchess and storage barn
We had purchased groceries at Trader Joe's in Austin before we left so that we would have something to eat for dinner on Saturday night. At the end of a long day, Connie cooked our first "meal" in the RV using the convection/microwave oven. We enjoyed one of the bottles of wine that came from our "Bon Voyage" party before settling down for the evening.

Wine from Bon Voyage party
I was finally able to get the DirectTV connection working (or so I thought). After a couple of hours of having a satellite signal despite the rain, we started getting error messages again. I called DirectTV and was able to speak with a customer service rep who actually knew about RV DirectTV setups and we spent about 30 minutes correcting everything the previous service rep had told me wrong. Once I had made all of the corrections in the setup, DirectTV starting working again and we were able to watch a movie on Saturday night.