Saturday, March 28, 2015

Follow-Up Day at LSI/Recovery Day

Yesterday Connie had an her follow-up appointment at the Laser Spine Institute. The clinic personnel checked her incision and then changed her bandages. We then met with a physician assistant who reviewed her case and gave her these instructions for the next two weeks: Walk, ice, rest, Walk, ice, rest, Walk, ice, rest (repeat again and again for the next two weeks). The best advice he told us is to allow the body to heal and not to overdo it. He also reviewed once again the medication that Connie will be on for the next few days (antibiotic, pain medication & muscle relaxer) and how to take them. We were able to get a copy of the pictures taken during Connie's surgery that shows the before and after results of the procedure.

Connie bandage over incision showing time and date of the end of her procedure along with a "smiley face" for the good result
Connie incision for procedure (about 1.5") and where Dr. Mark Flood indicated where the procedure would take place (the OR crew made his writing into the figure you see above)

We then met with a Patient Case Review worker to go through the week Connie experienced at the Laser Spine Institute. They wanted to know what Connie liked and did not like about the interaction she had with LSI. Connie gave them positive feed-back on almost everything at the clinic and her experience through out the week. They asked her if she would like to be on the clinic "Wall of Fame" and she agreed. So they took her picture and will post it with some of the comments she made during the feed back interview. Connie also agreed to be available by phone to answer any questions a prospective patient might have about the Laser Spine Institute and about her experience with the clinic and the personnel at LSI.

Connie and I have found the clinic and personnel at LSI to be very professional yet also very caring with their patients. We found that the clinic schedule ran on time and we rarely waited more than a few minutes for the next appointment through out the week. The procedure was a great success and the hardest part will be not overdoing it during the recovery phase.

Saturday is a Walk, Ice, Rest day here at the hotel. We have a flight back to Texas in the morning and then a return to the Duchess. Then two weeks of Walk, Ice, Rest for Connie to continue her recovery. Hopefully next week this blog will return to it's original purpose of writing about our preparation for full-timing and then our start on the journey. As with everyone who has ever started on this journey, life interrupts us when we least expect it.