Monday, March 9, 2015

Dog/Apartment Sitting

Emma and Murphy
Connie and I took a job dog/apartment sitting here in Austin from February 10th to March 21st. The apartment is located in the Great Hills/Arboretum section of Austin in an area that has lots of shops and restaurants. There are two dogs, Murphy and Emma. Both of them are them are King Charles Cavaliers. Murphy is 11 years old and Emma in 5. They are not related. The couple that we are sitting for is spending this 5 weeks in the British Virgin Islands. We were hoping to be able to get out and visit a number of the restaurants in the area, but here in Austin we have had a series of cold fronts plus a lot of rain that has limited our outdoor activities. The rain started again yesterday and continues today. We are hoping for better weather starting tomorrow. Maybe we will finally start our spring over the next couple of weeks.

I spent the week-end doing taxes. We had to complete the final tax return for Connie's dad's estate along with our 2014 tax forms. Everything has now been completed and we will file them in the next couple of weeks.

We are still waiting on approval to have a new transmission put into our motor home. The tests have all indicated it needs replacing, but the dealer we purchased it from has not given the OK yet.

Connie and I visited my dad last Friday since we finally had a sunny day. He is still living full time in his motor home which most of the time is located on a farm in Bastrop County Texas. He is leaving this week for about three months to join other SoJourners in some church work here in Texas. After that he is headed to Arkansas and Oklahoma to do some additional SoJourner missions in April and May. We had finished the scanning of photos into our computer, so we took the boxes of these photos to my dad's barn for storage.

There has not been a lot of activity for us in the last week, so no posting in the blog. I will continue to post from time to time on this blog as items come up in our journey. Stay tuned.