Monday, March 16, 2015

Continued Preparations

Connie and I continue to make preparations for the move from the apartment where we are dog sitting into The Duchess. We made trips to my dad's farm on both Friday and Sunday to put "stuff" that we had at the apartment into the barn. Some of this will go into the motor home and most it we will store in the barn. We are grateful that my dad is letting us store stuff in the barn during our travels as it allowed us to keep some items that we would have had to get rid of otherwise.

We ordered more items that we need to start off with in the motor home:

  • Direct TV receivers and service
  • Small satellite dish and tripod to have in case the roof-top dish is blocked by trees
  • Collapsible ladder
  • WiFi Ranger Go2 router that works with both campground wi-fi service and cellular
  • Cover for bicycles
  • Extra keys for Jeep along with Hide-a-Key box
  • Small fire resistance-water resistance safe to store valuables in
  • Fire extinguishers for motor home (after going to a class with Mack the Fire Guy, we did not want to start out without this)
  • Passport America membership
  • Renewed our membership in Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) 
The weather here in Austin was much nicer over the last few days, so we took advantage of it and walked the dogs twice each of the last three days. It looks like we are in for more rain later this week. The Duchess is scheduled to have her transmission replaced this week, so hopefully we will get her back and be able to get her set up at the farm by this week-end when we end our dog-sitting job.

We finished up our tax returns for 2014 and will put them in the mail today. We are trying to move all of our accounts to a couple of financial institutions to simplify our lives during our travels, so there is more paperwork to complete to accomplish this.

All for now as the countdown continues. Connie and I can't wait to get started on our journey.